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Help for little heroes

Just like Gosha (9), Vasylysa (7), and Vasylysa (7), hundreds of mothers and children from Ukraine are arriving in Munich these days. They feel insecure and sad, and they are confused and exhausted, and extremely worried about their family members they have left behind; but at the same time they feel utterly relieved to be safe from a war that pushes the imagination to the limit.

Gosha (middle) and the two seven-year-old Vasylysas are glad to be in a safe place with their mothers. They attend the Bauhausplatz elementary school, a Münchner Kindl school. Photos: Jens Hartmann

Meanwhile, many children have already been enrolled at Munich elementary schools and there are going to be more every day. In order to make the start in their new host country a little bit easier for them, we have launched our fundraising campaign "Help for little heroes" in cooperation with the newspaper group Münchner Merkur tz. The girls and boys get a starter package from us with everything they need in school every day - from pencil cases to gym bags. As soon as the children are enrolled at the school, the packages can be ordered from us. *

With your donation you help and share our effort to make the children's start in a foreign city and in a still foreign school a little easier for them. After all, school isn't only about learning, but also about meeting other children, making friends, gaining new confidence and regaining stable ground.

On behalf of our little heroes we thank you very much for your donation. Little heroes - that's what they are indeed, not only because they have mastered the gruelling escape, but above all because it is they who give hope and courage to their mothers and fathers at war every day so that they may get through the perils of these hard times.

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* Munich elementary schools can order the starter packages from the Roland Berger Foundation. Here you will find the order form.

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