The anniversary dance project

Preparations are underway for the big performance: 100 of the Roland Berger Foundation’s scholarship holders are rehearsing for their big night on the stage at Munich’s Prinzregententheater in April 2018. “Interconnected” is the title of the full-length dance performance that internationally renowned choreographer Alan Brooks is working on together with the scholarship holders. It is about encounters, situations and challenges in the life of the young people. It is not a classic story that “Interconnected” tells, but a celebration of the very different lives people live, expressive of their courage and their energy to carve out a future – as varied and diverse as the hundred performers themselves. For the children and young people it is a great opportunity to let their own personal experiences flow into the choreography.

The piece will be performed to mark the Roland Berger Foundation’s 10th anniversary in April 2018 at Munich’s impressive Prinzregententheater. “Having the opportunity to realize this project for the Roland Berger Foundation is of course a great pleasure for me,” said Alan Brooks. “My work is partly based on the principle of encouraging and challenging the students. This is not just about learning the material or the dance moves, but rather about affirming the young people’s curiosity and giving them the enjoyment of seeing themselves grow into the challenges they’re presented with.”

The children and artists still have a lot of work to do before their big day on stage. For the scholarship holders there are a number of rehearsals to go and the preparations for the technical side of the production are in full swing. To handle the stage design and costumes, Alan Brooks and the Roland Berger Foundation were delighted to get Dieter Eisenmann on board, who, in conjunction with Vladimir Malakhov, latterly worked in a leading capacity on the big productions of “Swan Lake” and “Copelia” in Beijing and Kyiv and for whom “Interconnected” marks his first ever contemporary dance piece working with young people. 

The students who will be taking to the stage are a wonderful reflection of the Roland Berger Foundation’s entire community of scholarship holders: from primary school pupils – the youngest being nine years old – to unaccompanied refugee boys, all age groups are represented. No question about it, the project is a big challenge for all of them. All the more impressive is the zeal and discipline they demonstrate in rehearsals – and of course the joy and pride they feel at being part of this unique project. 

Erste Proben zum Tanzprojekt mit Alan Brooks